Full Blood Dorper Sheep

We manage a small hand-picked flock of full blood Dorpers. We breed for excellence in conformation, shedding, color and parasite resistance. Our Dorpers are pasture-fed and farm-hay fed and thus far we have had success with natural worming methods.  Our pastures are completely chemical free.

To give you a background on the Dorper breed; two distinct breeds of Dorper sheep exist. The black headed variety are called “Dorpers”, and the unmarked sheep “White Dorpers”. These sheep are 'hair sheep' - meaning they shed their wool off each year just like a dog sheds his winter coat. There is no need for shearing.

We currently focus on the full blood, black headed breed. “Full blood” animals are those that can trace their genetic lineage back to only sheep originally imported from South Africa. All of our Dorpers are naturally polled (no horns).

If you are thinking about purchasing full blood Dorpers, please contact us for pricing. We have excellent stock suitable for breeding and/or the show ring.

We also have grass-fed, chemical free meat for your freezer based on availability.