Our Chickens & Their Eggs

Out in 'The Scratch Pad' you will find our hens. They are TRUE pastured, free-ranging chickens. They have free run of acres of pasture and woods to root around in and a large enclosed coop they retire to in the evenings that keeps them safe from predators. 

Although our clucks are allowed to free range to their hearts content - we do want to make sure they always have enough to eat. So we provide supplemental soy-free, non-gmo, organic feed at all times. Like all animals here at StoneHill Farms - we choose to treat ailments naturally when at all possible. Our chickens are not vaccinated, nor chemically medicated.

Here at StoneHill Farms we have a saying, "We love our chickens and you'll love their eggs!" And you will! If you haven't had them, true free-range eggs from chickens that roam around eating grass and crickets and worms and seeds are remarkable. In addition, our nest boxes are specially designed so the eggs "roll away" from the hen when laid. This helps increase egg cleanliness and reduce breakage - meaning that we have to wash very few eggs, thus leaving the 'bloom' in place. Why is this important? The bloom naturally protects it. This is the coating on the egg shell that seals its pores and helps to prevent bacteria from getting inside the shell. It also reduces moisture loss from the egg keeping it fresher longer.  If an egg is washed - the bloom is lost.

StoneHill Farms' eggs range in size from medium to extra-large, and range in color from dark dark chocolaty-brown (from the Marans) to a light pinkish tan and even to pastel greens, blues and yellows from the Aracaunas. We also have white eggs from our Leghorns. Every dozen eggs come in a variety of sizes and shades, packaged in pulp cartons made with 100% recycled paper. We encourage our customers to return our cartons - it helps keep our prices down and our landfills a little less full!

So if you aren't on our list for eggs, get in touch with us! We have a convenience box at our gate for pick-up. Your order will be set out on your specified day and you can pick-up at your convenience. Payment is on the honor system.