LiveStock Guardians

As we mentioned on the first page of this website, the farm is nestled at the base of "White Rock Mountain". White Rock Mountain is also the home to a good-size den of coyote! Thus, let me introduce our LGDs.

StoneHill Farms has 4 LGDs that protect our flock. Our oldest male (Ollie) is a pure Great Pyrenees. Our other 3 females (Ash, Barley & Iris) are a mix of Great Pyr and Anatolian Shepherd. We have found this to be the best breeding combination. It gives us both the speed of an Anatolian and the temperment of a Great Pyrenees.

Both breeds have been used for centuries as flock guardians; they can guard without human assistance or direction. Guarding comes naturally to them. They guard what they view to be their "family" - so our LGDs have been raised with the flock since birth. However, our LGDs are also treated as family and loved on daily. We do not "isolate" them to the pasture and withhold human contact. We have had great success with this guardian/pet combination.

We have 1 female that is a "guarder". She rarely leaves the flock. We have 2 females that "patrol" boundaries. And our male - well..remember the Wile E. Coyote cartoons with Sam the sheep dog? That's our Ollie....laying around somewhere "looking" like he's asleep. Until he bolts up and you see 3 dogs running into the pasture to triangulate..."what? ...Nothing's there. ...Oh - wait! Look! - they've surrounded another coyote!"

Nothing crosses the property line that isn't part of the family...not birds, not dogs, not squirels, not people. Nothing.

They are truley amazing.