Located in Cannon Texas, on the banks of Sister Grove Creek, StoneHill Farms is a small family farm raising various heritage chicken breeds and full-blooded Dorper sheep. We enjoy a variety of wildlife on our farm including deer, turkeys, quail, hawk, and RoadRunners. We also see the occasional bobcat.

This area of Texas has an abundance of white rock scattered in amoungst the rolling pasture land. StoneHill Farms is nestled at the base of (what we like to call) "white rock mountain". It's not a mountain really, just a small hill made of this white stone; but large enough to inspire the name of our farm.

We enjoy a beautiful view to the south and are serenaded most nights by the coyote that live on "white rock mountain" and run along Sister Grove Creek each evening. These coyote are closely monitored by our Livestock Guardians and never allowed across the properties boundry lines. Our LGD's do an amazing job of protecting their farm family; they maintain a perfect record!

All of our animals are cared for with love and treated with kindness at all times. We feed naturally and allow our flocks to live as closely as possible to how God intended.

I think everyone here would agree; StoneHill Farms is a wonderful place to be.

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